From The Airport

We realize you may already have a regular airport transportation service. However, unforeseen circumstances can occur at any time. For instance, it may be that your primary transportation is required to be elsewhere during the time of your trip. You may be utilizing your service and be unable to pick up some visitors from the airport. Anything can happen.

If it does, call on us. Treasure Limo is safe beyond everything else, comfortable and reliable. If you book an airport ride for your visitors, they’ll be pleasantly surprised when they arrive and are met by one of our courteous, well-dressed chauffeurs. We’ll do everything we can to accommodate your guests so that when the time comes to deliver them back to the airport, you call on us again. At Treasure Limo, your business is our treasure.

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Tourist Information

Rancho Santa Fe is not a community geared toward tourists. Many of the amenities, such as the golf course and hiking trails, are available to residents only. However, it does boast one inn and a few small restaurants downtown.

Rancho Santa Fe was given the title of the Richest Town in The Country based on the 2002 census. Its per capita income was in excess of $113,000, and the average home price was a cool $1.7 million. Some of the world’s most famous have a home here, including Bill Gates, Janet Jackson, and a virtual who’s who of entrepreneurs, actors, and sports stars.

The residents of Rancho Santa Fe zealously protect the country feel of their community. All new homes must follow a strict set of guidelines known as the Protective Covenant. For 50 years, this document has laid out rules homeowners must follow, and it has succeeded In keeping Rancho Santa Fe a pristine place to call home.

To The Airport

Do you have to leave on an urgent business trip, and your normal airport transportation is not available? Call us.
We can be there the same day with a luxurious limo that will meet or exceed your requirements. Our highly trained chauffeurs will do their utmost to make your trip a smooth one – from pick up to check in.

Got some visitors that will be leaving, but there’s no way to get them to the airport? Let Treasure Limo be their airport ride. They’ll end their trip to your beautiful community with a smile on their face and a spring in their step, as our staff assists them in whatever ways they may require to conclude their trip on the right note.

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